Aero Precision Epsilon VG6 556 Brake

Aero Precision is a state of the art manufacturer which crafts superior parts, uppers, and complete rifles. Every component is engineered to razor thin tolerances within Mil-spec standards and is manufactured with the most advanced technologies available. Aero Precision pushes the boundaries of manufacturing with perfect engineering and clean machining by developing and evolving existing processes. When you need perfection and there is no margin of error, you need Aero Precision! 

The Aero Precision VG6 Epsilon 556 Muzzle Device is a true combination break, compensator and flash hider. Precession machining provides you with the best muzzle control in the industry. Aero has eliminated the ports at the 12 o'clock position that might interfere with your sight picture when shooting and added 6 valves at the 6 o'clock position for the softest recoil management available. Extended flash hiding prongs provide excellent flash suppression and preserve your vision in low light conditions. Aero Precision's VG6 Epsilon 556 Muzzle Device is everything you need and more than you expect from outstanding precision built parts and components! The only way you'll achieve superior performance is to run suppressed! 

By BlackRifle.Co

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